About Us

About us


Welcome to dskmart.com.

dskmart.com, an e-commerce in Bangladesh, belongs to DSK MART LTD. which is a limited company and mostly owned by well-reputed national voluntary development organization (NGO) Dushtha Shasthya Kendra (DSK). So, it could be treated as a subsidiary company of DSK.

The primary aim and objectives of DSK MART is to provide online marketing opportunities for the products and services produced by members, participants and entrepreneurs of DSK and other potential and reputed entrepreneurs and businesses through an established digital platform, which may drive dskmart.com to create a reputation in the e-market by providing quality products and services at relatively low prices to its customers and consumers.

Goals/Objectives/SOs/Outputs of DSK MART

Goal: To secure a space in ecommerce sector of Bangladesh thus facilitating generation of increased entry into the e-market, employment and income for the target grassroots predominantly female borrowers of DSK.

General Objective: To mobilize DSK ecommerce as a shared ecommerce platform to facilitate entry into wider market for the grassroots producers, generate profit and employment for the youth.

SO II: To organize regular sale of DSK entrepreneurs’ products (Towels, Leather goods, Sarees, Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Poultry products) through DSK ecommerce generating profit for the grassroots.

SO II: To establish DSK ecommerce platform and synchronize sale of DSK and other producer’s products through DSK ecommerce platform to generate employment for the youth.


1: To mobilize and establish DSK ecommerce website/page having all necessary shopper friendly ecommerce features.

 2: To establish regular display and sale of DSK entrepreneurs’ products through DSK ecommerce web page.

3: To mobilize and organize grassroots entrepreneurs, service providers and Traders to become engaged with DSK ecommerce webpage.

4: To strengthen DSK ecommerce through excellent customer relations, policies, campaigns and product delivery services.